Smart Manager


A hands on, activity driven skill building workshop for First Time/ New Managers. Completely flexible and customisable to suit your organizational context and requirements, this workshop builds a solid foundation of basic managerial skills and competencies that your new managers require in their transition from being individual contributors to effective and smart managers.

A manager is not a person who can do the work better than his men; He is a person who can get his men to do the work better than he can.

Frederick W Smith

Founder, FedEx

The test of an orgnization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance.

Peter Drucker

Management Consultant, Educator and Author

Manager Performance Primed

Why do so many of our star employees fail at being managers? Why do so many organizations struggle with leadership at junior to middle management levels?

For very long, becoming a manager has been seen as a natural step in the progress of one’s career – something that just happens with the course of time. However, this could not be farther from the truth and throwing an unprepared individual contributor (yes, even a star employee) into a managerial role is fraught with risk.

With the Smart Manager workshop, you can equip your first time/ new managers with the requisite mindset, skills and behavioural competencies that will provide a solid foundation on which they can start their managerial journey.

This workshop is a result of years of professional experience in managing and mentoring young managers and a deep passion to bring out the best in everyone. The program is highly customizable to suit your organizational context, culture and competitive environment and is built on the three core pillars of managerial strength – Managing Results, Managing People and Managing Myself.

Nominate your new managers for the next open session or talk to us for a customized in-house program.

The Smart Manager Approach

Build a strong foundation of essential/ fundamental management skills for First Time/ New Managers

Develop critical people management skills – the art and science of getting things done through and with people

Understand the transition in role and responsibilities from an individual contributor to a manger

Build team management skills and understand the drivers of team performance and motivation

Understand the larger organizational perspective and how strategy and objectives flow through the organization

Develop core Interpersonal, Communication, Motivation, Delegation and Conflict Management skills

Participants Speak

One day of action packed learning with excellent techniques for managing people and improve myself as a Manager. I recommend this to all First Time Managers

I feel more confident now to manage my team and get them to do more

…understanding the expectations from different stakeholders’ perspective is something I feel will be of immense value while dealing with people

All exercises were very interesting, especially the motivation / demotivation exercise was amazing and it helped me understand why and when I am motivated. I can use this model to understand others motivation also

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