Lean-ing Into DevOps

A Practioner’s Guide to High Performance IT

Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work. Being able to take needless work out of the system is more important than being able to put more work into the system.

Gene Kim

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

The High Performance Conundrum

How is DevOps applicable to my organization? Isn’t DevOps only for the Amazon’s and Netflix’s of the world?

How is this going to help me achieve my business goals? How do I build a business case? What is the ROI on DevOps?

Aren’t Lean Practices only for startups? How do I actually apply Lean practices on the ground?

Where do I start? (“I sent a bunch of  people for DevOps training, but yet to see any impact!”)

If these are some of the questions you’re grappling with, this is the program for you. A brand new, carefully curated program to kick start your transformative journey to high performance IT. Right from the basic concepts of the Devops Movement and their development from well established operations management principles like Theory of Constraints and Lean Manufacturing to the latest approaches, tools and techniques of software development and deployment being followed by the best in the business. With multiple follow through options including tailored Coaching and Consulting, this is the first step you want to take.

The Lean-ing Into DevOps Approach

A practical approach with an optimal mix of concepts, strategies, tools, case studies and hands on exercises.

Understand the importance and role of Automation across the Deployment Pipeline. Uncover automation opportunities.

Understand the key principles, concepts and approaches of DevOps and Lean.

Learn and get hands on experience with Lean and associated problem solving techniques.

Learn the importance of being CALMS – Communication, Collaboration and Culture; the C’s come first.

Strategies and Key Considerations for starting your DevOps Journey. Follow-up actions and options.

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