The Pygmalion Leader

Inspire performance beyond expectations. Be a Pygmalion Leader.

Here’s what some of our participants have had to say about this transformational program:

“highly interactive and engaging model”; “lots to implement when I get back to work!”; “gained new perspectives about my own self!”; “made me think about myself and my interactions with others”; “a heady mix of high energy actions and deep reflections”

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Are you a confident influencer in your workplace, or do you feel limited by your role or by your personality?

Identify and Increase Your Range of Influencing Tactics.

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Smart Presenter

Smart Presenter is our flagship workshop for professionals who are client facing roles  and are expected to make presentations in real-time or virtual mode. In this workshop, we provide the learners with hands-on approach to effective presentation using the PACT Model.

We have designed the one day workshop on Smart Presenter to provide professionals develop the skill of being able to articulate, and present their ideas effectively!
You will definitely find this beneficial for your professional growth and success.

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Conflict Management

One Day Workshop on identifying and magaing conflicts!

In today’s global persepective, it has become even more important to avoid, and manage conflicts effectively.

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One Day Innovation Bootcamp and Experiential Workshop 

for Developing Creativity and Innovation Skills

Designed for:
Professionals, and Executives who are interested in developing their problem-solving skills and Product/ solution design and development skills. This workshop will enable the participants to learn and apply creativity and design thinking methods and tools.

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2 Days Training Workshop 

Delivering Business Value through Training &Development

The program will provide the participants with a hands-on approach to tools and methods for handling the all-round L&D role in an organization from diagnosis to deployment of learning interventions.

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Parivarthan - The Transformation

Conquer your challenges and thrive in every increasingly dynamic world. Discover the power for effective change and change leadership within you through the Parivartan Framework.

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Lean-ing Into DevOps

Do you want to understand how a high performing IT organization can deploy 200x faster with 2500x shorter lead times, along with 3x lower failure rates and 24x faster recovery times?

Have you sent enough people to DevOps training programs but are struggling to figure out how any of this gets practically done?

Do you want to gain hands on experience with lean techniques and understand how they integrate with your DevOps efforts?

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What We Do


A wide gamut of structured, open registration programs and customised sessions/ workshops across a range of topics in the areas of Leadership, Self Growth, Development and Innovation.


Follow through Coaching and Mentoring to assist individuals and organizations in achieving their desired goals and bridging the potential to performance chasm.


Hands on consulting assignments to lead and support key change initiatives in the areas of Strategy, Leadership, Management Development, Business Excellence, and Innovation.




Why BumbleBee?

Driven by the Bumblebee Philosophy of Unleashing Human Potential beyond Perceived Limitations

Focus on Long Term, Practical Learning Solutions through In-Depth Engagements – Training, Consulting, Coaching and Technology

Integrated and Customized Approach to provide Targeted, Effective Solutions across Multiple Learning Formats

Team of Highly Committed, Globally Experienced Business Leaders as Facilitators – Guaranteeing High Quality Outcomes

Our Programs


Innollects                        Chrysalists                The Pygmalion Leader              Parivarthan

Our Programs


   Winfluencers               Lean-ing into DevOps          Smart Presenter              Business Acumen

Our Customers

Our Customers


"Our organization has worked with Bumblebee for the last four years and they have been a great asset in our quest to increase employee engagement. A great mix of professionalism, learning, practicing and fun. They let you continuously make an introspection of yourself and the areas you are going to develop to become a great team player. We found the information and the training approach to be very professional and thorough. We highly recommend their training programs for Organization Development”

John Santhosh


Programme was highly Innovative, Interactive, Interesting and Useful to us. After the completion of Programme, the Participants were found as very Energetic, Participative, Motivated and Professionally Excelled.

H.S. Thakur Desai

General Manager, BRBNML

Eye Opener, helped to understand how to tackle difficult situations, Pygmalion exercises showed how this concept works in a profound manner.

Harish Kota

Project Manager, Nous Infosystems

It was a good learning experience and very engaging! Good interactive model, made me think about myself, and my interactions with others. Lots to implement when I get back to work

Pradeep Menon

Senior Director, Microland

The team and individual exercises we did were quite interesting and also learning about how the Pygmalion factors can enhance the performance

Vijay Krishnan

HR Head, i-exceed technology solutions

Learnt concepts of leadership, managing people, bringing the best of yourself and team. Learning activities and icebreakers were interesting too

Nandini K

Manager HR, Netserv Technologies

The Flight of the Bumblebee

Our Core Philosophy

The Bumblebee has a fascinating relationship with humans. Not only is it a remarkably good pollinator and hence immensely useful to us, but for quite some time, in the 20th century, there was a widely propagated notion that considering the weight of the bumblebee, its wingspan and general speed, it should not be capable of flight, and hence, somewhat magically, the ‘humble bumble’ defied the laws of aerodynamics. The fact that this notion was as misplaced in its basic understanding of the biomechanics of the wing of the bumblebee and its behaviour as an aerofoil, as it was rooted in a surprising lack of any proper scientific research, does not take away from the influence this myth has had to popular culture.

So what about this rather strange story guides our philosophy? We believe the story of the flight of the bumblebee encapsulates two fundamental truths about potential and knowledge that form the cornerstones of our endeavours. One, that, each and every one of us is capable of achieving what may be considered impossible, or beyond our abilities, by others, as long as we have the belief and are willing to put in the effort. And as long as we do not let others’ notions of us and our capability drive our actions.

Two, and equally importantly, a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Jumping to conclusions based on back of the envelope thinking based on incorrect assumptions or an incomplete understanding can land the brightest of us in a lot of trouble. Learning never stops, and our ability to stay curious and on the path of learning without getting cocky about what we think we know is absolutely critical to achieving our true potential.

Hive Mentality

Our Mission

Busy Bees

Our Team

G Narasimhan

G Narasimhan

Founder Director

30 Years in Banking and IT. Visiting Faculty at NMIMS, IIM. Loves Coffee & Mentoring. Ideally together.

Expertise – Leadership Development, Cultural Transformation, Business Strategy, Software Product Development.

Magesh Moorthi

Magesh Moorthi

Director Client Relations

Experienced Learning & Development Consultant. Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Loves his Tata Safari and driving it.

Expertise – Learning and Development, Performance Coaching, Soft Skills, and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Bharath G

Bharath G

More than 25 years experience in Learning & Development, Business Coach, CII HR Excellence Assessor, and Author of multiple books.

Expertise – Learning and Development Strategy & Leadership, Business Coaching, HR Consulting.

Ashwin Yadav

Ashwin Yadav

15 years in Business Strategy, Intellectual Asset Management, Product Management. Loves new technology and unnecessary gadget purchases.

Expertise – Innovation, IT/ Digital Strategy, Business Excellence, Software Products and Platforms, Lean & Devops, IPR & IAM.

Srikanth T

Srikanth T

25+ Years in Banking, IT and Entrepreneurship. Visiting Faculty at B-Schools.         CA, PGDM from IIM-C

Expertise – Finance, IT,  Entrepreneurship.

Janaki Anant

Janaki Anant

25+ Years in IT Services, Financial Services and Technology.Professor Business Strategy IIM Udaipur

Expertise- IT Services,Operations and Marketing

Ram Ganesh N

Ram Ganesh N

15+ years  in L&D, IT- Testing , Program & Project Management and  Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Expertise – L&D, IT, Behavioral Coaching and Alternate Healing

Sunil Datta

Sunil Datta

15 years in IT, Automotive and Embedded Systems. .

Expertise –  Software Development,Automotive and Embedded Systems.

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